Amazon Images, Tips to Sell Like a Pro

As a visual communication specialist and brander, I know the power that an image or a picture has to sell a product or a service. Amazon, the store that revolutionized the retail world knows that very well.

Whether you plan to sell your products on your own online store or Amazon, I recommend you follow these suggestions:

• Hire a Professional Photographer, please don't go with a "rinki-tinky" or "picture taker", photos and images are the most valued tools you have to succeed selling, my advice is to put this job in the hands of a professional. Nevertheless, it is paramount you know what are the elements of a good selling picture for Amazon.

• Smartphones are not a good option for shooting your products.

• The image should be around 85% of the frame if you can't achieve this in the take, zoom the image in by cropping.

• Super clean white background. Depending on the complexity of the take, we knock the image out and use a digital white. Keep or produce the shadow, otherwise, your product will look like floating in the air.

• Do not include other elements that might confuse the buyer in the shot.

• Post five pictures that describe your product in deep. Keep in mind: What is your product main promise? Materials that are made of? Are colors Available? Textures? Details? Make a list of what the picture should tell.

• Incorporate Lifestyle Imagery whenever possible. It is very appealing to customers visualizing the product in use.

• When needed, introduce elements to establish the scale and size.

• New generations, don't read much. Use small text to describe your products. In my experience, the first 100 words make a buying decision.

• Never include text copy in the cover photo.

• Amazon recommends 2560 pixels wide at 72 dpi.

• File formats: Jpeg, PNG, Gif or Tiff, my favorite PNG, and Jpeg.

• Check that the product you are showing is exactly the product you are selling.

• I normally use the product SKG to name my files.

• Make sure the product looks absolutely perfect.

I hope these tips will help you with your Amazon challenges, please contact me if you have any question.