PRESIDENTIAL LOOK for Men, Why Is So Important

Well, they share many things, as they have been the most powerful persons in the World. Another is that they all spend thousands of dollars in Stylists, PRs, Image Consultants and Top Photographers. They want to look good, they need the best headshot possible to market themselves as an approachable and trustworthy unique personality.

The Four Last Presidents, From pres. Trump to pres. Clinton, What do they have in common?

The Four Last Presidents, From pres. Trump to pres. Clinton, What do they have in common?

If you are an Attorney, a Doctor, Dentist, Vet, Real Estate Agent, Financial Officer or just someone who want to build trustworthiness, look competent and fit for the job, follow these simple tips:

Presidential look cheatsheet

Here are some tips to help you get that killer picture you need:

1- Hire a Professional Photographer. You are making an investment that is critical for your business, smartphone pictures are a NO NO NO. Hire someone with the expertise and equipment to produce professional quality images, better if he/she specializes in HeadShot Photography.

2- Use a solid color dark suit, preferably dark blue, dark gray or black, avoid using stripes, it must fit you perfectly. Always button-up your suit. If it is a two-button suit, button-up only one.

3- Use blue, or Burgundy ties, always remember that you are the protagonist, not the tie. I suggest the Half Windsor or the Four-in-hand knot. Avoid bow-ties, unless is your personal signature.

4- Use a white shirt, the collar must fit perfectly and the first button has to close without asphyxiating you. Only the knot should be seen.

5- A light smile conveys approachability.

6- Clean your face well and have a handkerchief in handy. You don't want to look shiny or sweaty. Shave if you want to look presidential.

7- Relax, professional photographers are patient, they want you to be happy. If you feel nervous, close your eyes and breath deeply four times, it will help you relax your expression. Work with a professional photographer that knows how to build rapport and make you feel comfortable.

8- Practice your poses before the photo session, that will make you feel more secure.

9- Check, how presidents dress, how they pose, how they smile, their images won them millions of votes. If you don't know what to do, they can be your best teachers.

10- Try to enjoy your photoshoot as much as possible, try not to rush. Always remember that is your image the reason why you are in front of a camera, just make yourself comfortable.

If you have any question, please send me a note at my contact page, I'll be happy to assist you.

Rolando de la Fuente is a North Miami Beach-based visual communication specialist with more than 40 years of experience, he has photographed celebrities and important personalities.

His client list includes CNN, ESPN, MegaTV, Telemundo, London BBC, Sports Illustrated, Championship Fighting Alliance, CAMACOL, Hollywood Dermatology, Ecancer, Mirta de Perales, UFC. His work has been published in numerous prestigious national and international publications.

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